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The ornaments found on the female terracotta figurines are often elaborate and appear to have been somewhat heavy. While they may have been simple manifestations of a basic human desire to decorate the body, they may have had magical aspects pertaining to life after death as well. Most of the ornaments excavated from various sites in Balochistan were found buried with human skeletons in graves.

Ornaments for the head, neck, chest, arms, waist and ankles were buried with the dead. These ornaments range from one or more beads to various bangles and anklets. The beaded ornaments often included more than one large pendant-like stone. Beads were made from semiprecious and other stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, carnelian and steatite, as well as from animal bone and from shell transported from as far away as the Arabian Gulf. Some of the bangles were made of copper.

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