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A view of the entire city with its "Citadel", "Lower Town" and "Middle Town" surrounded by square walls

The "Citadel" (left), and the "Lower Town" and "Middle Town" (right)

Close-up of the "Citadel"

Northern gateway of the Citadel.

The signboard inlaid with 10 Indus signs.

The city was surrounded by a series of square walls, with a "Citadel" which rises 15 meters above the "Middle Town" and the "Lower Town". A signboard with ten huge Indus signs found on the floor of a room at the North Gate was probably originally displayed above the gateway. Although the Indus script written on the signboard is still undeciphered, it is likely that the inscription represents the name of the city or the name of a god or a ruler.

Supervisor for the computer graphics: R. S. Bisht (Archaeological Survey of India)
Computer graphics: Osamu Ishizawa, Yasuyo Iwata and Nobuyuki Matsuda (Taisei Corporation) in collaboration with NHK.

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