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Hoards of copper implements such as celts, harpoons, anthropomorphs, double axes, antennae swords and rings have been found at several sites, mostly in northern India. In some cases, they are associated with Ochre Colored Pottery (OCP). The high degree of purity of the copper may indicate that the people exploited the Lakker mines in the Chotta Nagpur Range. The size and weight of these artifacts would have made them unsuitable for daily use. In addition, the absence of use-wear and the context of the finds suggest that they were ritual objects. Some of the axes are similar in shape to those from the Indus Civilization, which may suggest some cultural interaction.

Only recently have archaeologists discovered some of the habitation sites of the people who left behind these hoards, and utilitarian and other artifacts such as stone tools, bangles and beads made of precious stones have now been recovered as well.

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